EUR-EPAL pallets

Quality: New and Used
Size: 800 x 1.200 x 144 mm
Loading capacity: 1500 kg
Production according to: UIC-435-2
Material poplar and pinewood
Other specification: Heat treatment (ISPM 15)

EURO-pallets produced by EPAL licensed manufacturers are inspected under strict quality procedures, at regular intervals. Euro pallets bearing the EPAL quality mark, certifying they have been inspected by EPAL, offers global safety. Going beyond just basic branding, each EUR-pallet has security features to reduce counterfeiting. This includes a quality control staple or marking nail that uniquely identifies the producer and/or the repairing company.

New EURO pallet

Color: white
Condition: new, heat-treated, dried

A Grade EURO pallet

Color: white/yellow
Condition: used, without damage and pollution

B Grade EURO pallet

Export, szürke EUR raklap

Color: dark and yellow
Condition: used, repaired and without pollution

C Grade EURO pallet

Color: dark and black
Condition: used, repaired and sorted

One way

Condition: New and used
Size: 400 x 600 mm
800 x 600 mm
800 x 1200 mm
1000 x 1200 mm
1200 x 1200 mm
Height: 120 - 160 mm
Loading capacity: 400 - 1500 kg
Base material: pinewood, poplar

Making custom pallet is no problem. Due to modern manufacturing technologies, we are able to produce custom pallets of any size and design to meet your demand. Furthermore, we sell all types of CP pallets (CP1-CP9). Ask for a quote by giving the number and sizes and we will make the offer for you within a few hours

Pallet collars

Condition: New and used
Size: 600 x 800 mm
800 x 1200 mm
1000 x 1200 mm
Frame height: 100 X 400 mm
Raw material: pinewood

Pallet Solution Ltd. introduces pallet collar packaging system as an innovation in materials handling. All pallet collars are heat treated and meet the requirements of the IPPC 15 standard. Pallet collars can be customized to suit your requirements, just contact us to discuss your needs.


Condition: New and used
Size: 600 X 800 X 163mm
Loading capacity: 600 kg

Dusseldorf pallets are ideal for transportation of consumer goods in FMCG sector, especially in small grocery stores and bars handling products in a narrow space. The Dusseldorf pallet can be lifted from all four sides.. It corresponds with almost all applications in European distribution and logistics.

Plywood boxes

Plywood boxes New
Loading capacity: 400 X 1800 kg

Plywood box is a sturdy, long lasting and reusable packing case of metal and plywood. This combination of materials produces a light and exceptionally strong packaging solution. Many packaging applications can benefit from minimization of space, weight and time provided by plywood box.